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I was having this same problem over the last couple of days. I followed above instructions, opening the package (OmniFocus.ofocus) file on iDisk. There was 546 files there. I then moved old items to archive, setting the date to 8/1/2008. When I checked the OmniFocus.ofocus package again, the number of files dropped to just a handful. I then synced from my Macbook - selecting local copy when prompted. After this I opend OF on my iPhone and selected server copy when prompted. Everything is back to normal now.

I'll watch this closely. After finally feeling the relief of having control over my crazy project and task list - I was absolutely freaking out at the possibility of losing everything now that I'm trusting OF. Let's hope whatever this isn't lasting and get's fixed soon.

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I'm brand new to OF, so this is my first post. I have had horrible luck with iPhone syncing the last few days as well. The sync never finishes, regardless of connection type. The Synchronization area in Settings says only "sync currently in progress" and I don't ever see the progress bar any more. I have tried the Reset Database option on the iPhone, and have also reinstalled the app itself. OF on the Mac seems to be working just fine (v77.9.0.103638), as far as I can tell, since my two Mac copies are staying in sync, but this problem seems to have happened directly after one of the Sneaky Peek updates, not the iPhone 1.0.2 update. Maybe. Who can tell for sure? Sigh!

Relevant or irrelevant info: OF database sync file size is only 3.2MB. I have a fairly small collection of projects so far, so I know this is not a database size issue. I don't need to move old data to archive yet.

Just wanted to share that I'm having this issue too.