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Newbie here. When I'm in Context view I actually like to do much of my planning because sometimes I like to be able to see all the items in a particular Context while Iím adding Actions (or Projects to be) that have that Context. By default these my Actions are added to a Single Action List called ĎMiscellaneous'. When I try to create Sub-Actions for one of these Actions OmniFocus does not allow me. There for I can not promote the Action to a Project (whilst staying in Context View) unless I type or paste the Project name into the Project field which means instead of promoting that Action to a Project I create a New Project with that one Action inside it. I wish more planning could be done in Context View. When Iím viewing everything by Context Iím often inspired to create new Projects or start building Projects out of Single Actions but I canít without go back to planing view. This kind of interrupts my focus. Always switching back and forth between the views. Anyone know what Iím saying or have any suggestions that might help me better use OmniFocus. Are there other threads that regard my thoughts? Much Appreciated! :-)


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