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Is it just me, or does this bug anyone else?
I can't speak for anyone else, but I greatly prefer the look of OmniFocus over competing apps. It's UI is plain, simple, clean, unpretentious , and somewhat understated. Content doesn't have to compete against "chrome" for attention, which IMHO is an integral part of good human-computer interaction.

I don't much care for the heavy feel of the Things UI. And the tool bar at the bottom just doesn't feel right to me for this kind of an app -- although I must admit I don't mind it in iPhoto, perhaps because it's a more visual app that doesn't focus on text and searching as much.

I also don't like The Hit List's tacky notepad look. I generally don't like apps that try to recreate the look and feel of real-world objects in cyberspace; I think they're invariably doomed to be awkward, uncomfortable reproductions that don't truly match real-world behavior but also feel out-of-place in a virtual world.

I haven't looked at Midnight Inbox in some time, but the last time I did my impression was that it felt a bit gaudy. Besides, it did far too much "hand-holding" for my taste. I just want my apps to get out the way so I can get some work done.

For me, craftsmanship is far more important than ornamentation; things need to fit together nicely, be proportionate, and have an air of quality. I think OmniFocus accomplishes this for the most part and does it without a lot of unnecessary graphic embellishment.