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Screen real estate is an issue for me as I work all day on a 13" macbook air, and I can only get so many perspectives to be listed up top (whatever that area is called). I do wish either those icons could be made even smaller, or have some kind of side-bar that is small. Maybe if it could somehow be included in the Inspect window, which also takes away from my screen real estate. Maybe something that auto opens with a mouse-over.
Hmm, I don't know about "auto opens with a mouse-over." OmniFocus already has too many widgets that flash on mouse-over. ;-)

Have you tried keeping only your key perspectives in the toolbar and accessing all the others from the Perspectives menu in the menu bar? That's what I've been doing and it's worked quite well (I work full-time on a 15-inch laptop display). I only have a half-dozen or so perspective icons in my toolbar; everything else has a keyboard shortcut assigned and just sits in the menu bar pulldown.

You could also open the Perspectives window and use that as a "launching palette" but I personally prefer the menu bar option.


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