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just noticed this thread after my post

So I guess this is the right place to put this:

the default style of Omnifocus was a little to heavy for me so I created this minimal version. You can download it from here.
(The Possibilities to change the style in Omnifocus is limited so this theme is just a little step in a simpler direction)

Changes made:
⁍ Lineheight and child intend reduced (the theme data format is actual kind of xml file where you can adjust some details better than in omnifocus)
⁍ Type has less contrast
⁍ Smaller Fontsize
⁍ No next action or single action highlighting
⁍ and some other minor changes.

Install Instructions:
Exctract the zip file and douple Click it's content("Omnifocus_minimal...ofocus-theme"). Omnifocus will ask you if you want to use this theme. Click replace. (You can go back to the default theme anytime).


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