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Hi All,
1st post here. And 1st apple script late last night... It would be awesome if someone said "Hey, your reinventing the wheel here. Just follow this link."

I was able to get my data out of Things and into a tab delimited txt file. I then used the trial version of oo3 to convert the txt to an OmniOutliner file. The resulting txt file looks like this:
"projectName" \t "nextAction" \t "@Context" \t "duration eg. 5min or 1h" \t "priority eg. High, Low" \t "hugeChunkOfNotesWith\n'sRemovedToKeepOOHappy" \n (or \r I forget which) repeat...

Here are the issues I am working through:
-The resulting OmniOutliner file looks like the txt file (of course) but with many columns (and no outlining?). Is there a preferred way to format a txt file so that OO opens it and sees an outline and not just a 2d string array?

-OF brings everything in flat and doesn't recognize the project attribute (also flat-ish in OO hmmm, pg. 50 in the OO manual talks about out-denting... is there something here I am missing?)

-My durations go straight to metadata instead of the duration field (this could be my naming convention: 5min, 15min, 30min, 1h, 2h, 1d. What naming conventions are supported/recognized?)

-The notes show up but with a "Metadata: " string prepended to them. Any way to write directly to the notes object?

-I guess "Metadata: Priority: High" is fine. What do you use to set H M L priorities in your OF setup?

I know there is a lot here. Thanks for taking time to read it all. My script code is (will be) pasted below. It began life here: BTW they have one that does OF to Things I'll check that out for ideas.

---On a silly XP machine at work, I'll post the script code later---

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