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I found that article interesting as well. A question I often asked myself was what is the difference between being @office & @computer? If I'm in the office i have the computer in front of me. About the only exception would be when I'm physically in a meeting with someone. And in that case there won't be any possibility of performing a next action unless it is an agenda item related to that person

But the problem I have is figuring out what contexts will work for me that don't become such big catch-all contexts that they lose utility in deciding which n/a should I do now.

Looking at his contexts, it struck me that they were less universally understood like @email and @call would be and were in some ways more personal. His @short dashes might for me be better expressed as @quick hits which indicate to me something that can be done in a short period of time without a lot of thinking plus research etc.

Part of the problem is that there is some judgment going on as well which you don't see when the context is place or tool specific.

So I'm thinking there is actually some serious consideration that needs to go into the name I give the context