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I apologize in advance if this is a bonehead request...

I have a need to generate an OO file of the directory structure of any given folder or volume (including sub folders) and re-do or update it often. Everything I've found so far relies on one form or another of the underlying Unix utilities which will generate the info but not in a useable (for me) format.

The end product I want is an OO file with names that match the Finder and nested just like the actual directory structure - not as a flat list. Features that would be nice but not critical would be adding matching links for the folders, optionally including files in the listing as well as folders, a compare function that showed differences between lists and, as long as I'm wishing, including file/folder size.

This seems pretty simple and I'm sure it's doable with Applescript or even Automator but so far I haven't found a script that generates the data in a way that can be imported into OO easily. By easily I mean without anything but very minor manual editing. For a small listing the manual effort isn't a big deal but for bigger lists or for those that change often it's just not workable.

Do any of you Applescript experts out there know how to do this?

OmniGroup - I think this would be a great feature for your next version. I'm happy with 3.9 but I'd pay for an upgrade just to get this feature.

Thanks in advance,
MacBook Pro 5,1, 10.6.2, OO Pro 3.9.4