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I updated to 1.1SP 104461 on my Leopard desktop (last night) and my Tiger iBook (a few minutes ago).

When I awoke my desktop Mac from screen sleep this morning, I was greeted by a authentication request, plus two more in rapid succession. When I do a manual Sync Now, I have to fill in two authentication requests each time.

The iBook is running smoothly. Right after the update, I got one request to transfer Keychain info to the new OmniFocus SP release. That's it; no authentication requests.

What's different between the two Macs?
  • desktop: Leopard, 6 Keychains (login, Ward, 1Password, ChronoAgentLocalKeychain, System, System Roots)
  • iBook: Tiger, 3 Keychains (login, System, X509Anchors)
The iBook's login keychain has an entry for "". The desktop keychains have no corresponding entry.

It appears OmniFocus is not saving my MobileMe authentication. I have no idea why.