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Basically, anything that's more specific has higher priority. Level styles apply to all rows of that level no matter what. Named styles are applied to individual rows so they are more specific. If you want to cancel the named style, you would just remove it from the row. You can not opt out of the level style aside from applying styles to the row that contradict the level style.

With the current system, no. You can set the status of a row to 'none' though, through Edit -> Set Status.
Thanks, let me play with that a bit. On the first point -

If I define, say, a style for all level one rows that is bold and then I create another named style that is not bold and apply it, what does it look like? So is it that the last style applied is the one that sticks?

I just tested this out and it seems really inconsistent to me and results in a sort of screwed up style after you make a number or changes. It would seem that there ought to be some sort of hierarchy as to what gets applied where and when.