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Can you give me a specific example please? Might be easier to move this to email so we can send files back and forth. The problem with your bold example is that regular font weight (non-bold) can not be applied to a named style. This is because default style attributes can not be applied to named styles, and this is a whole separate issue. If it was possible, the result would be non-bold.

An example that will work is:
-Set "Level 1 rows" to have a font color of blue
-Create named style "red text" that sets font color to red
-Apply named style "red text" to any given level 1 row, the result will be red text

There is a strict hierarchy and if you are not seeing that, then it's possible there is a bug. However, you may be confused in that unless style attributes conflict, they are additive no matter how it's being applied.