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I saw that the support for the iPhone has been recently dropped. I can understand that. Creating a nice web UI for the iPhone is not a simple task to start with and in addition to that it poses deployment issues (with firewalls and the likes). I can totally understand why this decision was made; getting a version 1.0 out of the door is not a time to boil the ocean.

But still, we need a way to take with us on the road all the content we have in OF. Printing is one way. But what if OF was able to save this data in PNG files? Say with one PNG file per perspective. Then you could setup OF to save those images to your iPhoto folder and have those automatically synchronized on your iPhone every time you plug it in.

Some will say that this is not an elegant solution. I think it is: it is both very simple and should work well enough. Isn't that what we'd like for a 1.0?

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