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Well, you can do this with a perspective, some baling wire, and a bit of chewing gum.

You would focus on the desired folder, then create a perspective, making sure to check the Restore: Focus box. Name the perspective something imaginative like "Work perspective".

Next, you'll use the Applescript Editor to make a simple Applescript like this:

tell application id "com.omnigroup.omnifocus"
	set oDoc to front document
	set oWin to front document window of oDoc
	set perspective name of oWin to "Work perspective"
end tell
(for appropriate values of "Work perspective", of course). Save it as a compiled .scpt file.

Finally, in iCal, create a repeating event at the time you want that perspective applied. Set the alarm to run the script you created. Every Monday morning at 8AM, if you set it that way, OmniFocus will launch (if not already running) and the front window will change to the perspective you specified in the script that was run as an iCal alarm.