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I tried out the locations feature today. I've been holding back because I have a 1st gen iPhone and the faux GPS doesn't always work so well. (One hint for those who have a 1st gen, turning on WiFi, even if you aren't connecting to a network will give better results.)

Anyway, I had some errands to run today, so I create a location for the different stores. WOW (world of wow (world of wow))

That feature is worth the price of the iPhone app itself! (okay, maybe half the price).

As I moved around town, the closest location was updated instantly. I could click on the distance button and directions from my current location to my destination was shown. Nice work on that feature. Thank you Omni for the work put into locations.

The only suggestion I had while using was to allow the nearby button to be filtered by context.

-Home depot
-Automobile Repair

When driving around town, I was in the Auto context. However, when I hit the nearby, my work context was being calculated in with my auto context.

Anyway, brilliant app. Thank you.