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@figman, I respectfully disagree that you are following GTD if you are putting all your tasks on a calendar that do not need to be done at a specific time. Allen is pretty clear on what he feels should appear on action lists and what should appear on a calendar. If all actions are going on a calendar, then all that is left is a series of big daily to-do lists and the beauty of contexts and everything GTD is gone. Now clearly there are some tasks that are strictly time-specific as to when they need to be completed, but how can syncing possibly handle this for all possible situations?

I've also seen many people request the feature to sync action items to a calendar, but I've yet to see anyone describe just how it would/could work. If I have an action that I estimate will take 3 hours to complete, I can start it today at 8:00 and it is due no later than Friday at 5:00, how would that look on my calendar? With an alarm at 4:45 on Friday that it is due in 15 minutes and I haven't started it yet? At 2:00 on Friday (3 hours in advance) when I may not have the context available to work on it? Or will my calendar be blocked out from 8 today until 5 on Friday? Now when I am looking at my daily/weekly review, I can make an informed choice on when I should block out the time(s) necessary this week to work on the task. But I cannot imagine how OmniFocus, or any software program, can sync this task along with all my other tasks and make that choice for me.