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Its obvious that this software was written by developers who work at a small company, who have the luxury of a "we will sell no wine before its time" mentality. They can task list until they get their software done, rather than have to meet a specific deadline.

David allen, tries to get people off of dead-lining every task, he doesn't make-believe that projects or task groups don't have calenderable dead-lines.

There are already start/end dates and durations, as well as sequential and parallel settings for task groups. It has most of the interface for gantt charting already.

How it works:
1. For projects/groups/tasks that have end or start dates add as normal. On sync with iCal these dates become a events, with alarms if set
2. For all other tasks add durations
3. set sequential/parallel
4. Press gantt chart button, and omnifocus visualizes the timeline based on start or end dates and the task durations set.
5. You can now see that given the current projects you have a break in 3 weeks long enough to fit in your new client and actually tell them a real timeline that is realistic (instead off pissing off all of your customers because although you have this cool Omnifocus software, you have no idea when you'll have time to do someones project or when you'll finish).

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