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Yes I read lots of threads that were requesting this capability, but no real solution yet, and no commitment to change things either.
Not only no commitment to change, but a considered decision not to change.
Omnifocus still seems like it is geared towards the corporate employee with limited responsibility, and a few home to-dos.
You mean people like Omni's CEO, who regularly describes his intensive use of the program?

Its obvious that this software was written by developers who work at a small company, who have the luxury of a "we will sell no wine before its time" mentality.
You say that like it is a bad thing, when in fact it is precisely why so many of us use Omni products! And just because Omni may allow themselves more flexibility with the schedule than a larger company more intent on hitting a publicly announced ship date, I wouldn't assume that they don't end up driving themselves just as hard if not harder.

Greg has asked the question, Ken (Omni CEO) has asked the question, I've asked the question, others have asked the question, but no one seems to have a useful answer to describe how OmniFocus actions should be mapped into calendar events, in general. Some might regard that as a hint that perhaps it isn't a fantastic idea...