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I am having a look at the evaluation copy of Omnifocus and it will do pretty much what I want with the exception of one thing. I have a rule on a work machine that will send an email to a special account that I have setup for OmniFocus to process. It does this well BUT I need the sender of the email to be included in the copy that is pasted into the Omnifocus event. Any easy way to do this?
Yes, it is a one-line change to the MailAction.applescript file found in the application bundle to get this behavior. You then make up an additional mail rule which is similar to the one you use now to get email into OmniFocus, except the filter conditions will be different, it will be earlier in the list of rules, and it runs your modified script instead.

I also will on occasion have the need for Omnifocus to accept an attachment that is part of some of these emails and include it as part of the text of the body of the email. Thanks in advance.

I do not know of an easy way to do this, though it may be possible with some work. The parse tasks verb used to convert text to actions won't do anything with attachments, but you can determine if the message being processed has attachments, and so with suitable programming you could parse the message into an action, get a handle on it, and attach the attachment(s).

As an easier approach, you might simply wait until you are at your Mac and use the Clip-o-tron to grab the message and its attachments. Use the email feature above to send yourself an action to do it.