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Like many others I've been anxiously waiting for Omnioutliner to come to iPhone so I can finally have reliable access to my outlines anywhere. I know Omnigroup has limited resources and had to make some tough decisions to delay it and I learned to live with it as they had their reasons for attacking ipad first and releasing some other apps on iphone first.

But now it's getting a bit ridiculous. Instead of finishing out the rest of the apps that haven't been carried out to the iphone you are releasing the second versions of the existing ipad and iphone apps. And on top of that, your latest e-mail about future plans seems to indicate instead of OO on the iphone (or your other apps that haven't gotten to iphone yet) you are planning on two more redesigns next.

We made significant progress with accessibilityin 2013 (in OmniOutliner 2 for iPad and OmniFocus 2 for iPhone), but we still have more work to do across the board. And we still have two apps which need to be redesigned for iOS 7: OmniFocus for iPad, and OmniGraffle for iPad. (Right now, they’re both looking rather dated next to the rest of our line-up!)
I understood your previous prioritization decisions, and maybe even one or two app redesigns on your top selling items. But seriously, four existing app redesigns now before even announcing you're going to just start working on the first version of OO on iPhone? Maybe everyone that's been holding out for OO on iPhone has already left so you've decided it's not important anymore, I don't know, but I'm losing hope here.