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I use two things: an iPod touch with OmniFocus installed and a deck of 3x5 index cards held together by a small binder clip.

The 3x5 index cards is my all-purpose capture tool. I date-stamp and time-stamp every note or idea I write in. Then when I have the time, I'll enter it into OmniFocus on the iPod touch or on my Mac.

Oftentimes, I won't necessarily have the time to type it into OF on my iPod touch. It's much faster for me to just write it down and then type it in later.

So when I do have more time, I'll quickly type it into OF on my iPod touch. OmniFocus on my iPod touch is set up to sync to the Omni sync web server. So when I get in range of a wifi network, I quickly launch OF on the iPod touch and let it quickly send my new tasks to the Omni web sync server. When I get back to the office, I'll sync OF on my Mac and grab the new tasks.

I made a habit of doing a daily review.

Once in the morning to look at my calendar to see any due items within the next 7 days and my flagged items in OF (not due but some Big Rocks that I'd like to tackle today).

Then about an hour before I head home, I'll review what I accomplished today and see if there are any loose ends to tie up (i.e. inbox items that need to be processed, next actions that need to be made to advance any projects, e-mails that I will flag as something to do tomorrow). Then I'll review my calendar one more time to see what appointments, commitments I have for the next day.