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If what you need is swim lanes and only swim lanes, OmniPlan is going to work much better for your needs. Looks like the "Swim Lanes" request was first filed back in 2006 - since then, we've gotten <20 customer requests.
Here's another request. I used Visio primarily to diagram business processes, and if OmniGraffle want's to bill itself as a Visio replacement I echo other posters who indicate this is indeed important.

It's good to know OmniPlan has them - I may just go see if I can figure that out. I really need to utilize OmniPlan more anyway so maybe this will get me started. Hopefully there's a way to bring them in from OmniPlan for furtrher editing in OmniGraffle. It sounds like OmniPlan automatically builds and maintains them, which is more than Visio does - Visio just provides templates as a starting point.