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Ken, I assume that new builds are only created and added to the staging area if there were some changes in the VCS, is that correct? If yes, this would mean that OW6 receives frequent code changes (even if they'll probably be small) - or am I misjudging my observations here?
Well, yes and no.

Yes, OmniWeb 6 only builds when code it uses changes. However, it shares a lot of framework code with our other apps, so most of its builds are triggered by framework changes that don't affect OmniWeb's core functionality (or help with its core issues).

Whenever I touch the OmniWeb code base itself, I try to add an entry to the change log so you'll know what's new. So until today, there hadn't been any interesting changes to OmniWeb itself since last December (even though there have obviously been quite a few builds happening in that time).