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Seen on the Omni blog:
Originally Posted by Ken Case
At present, the Mac App Store doesn’t offer upgrade pricing for major upgrades. But if Apple hasn’t added support for that by the time we need it, our plan is to offer upgrade discounts on our own online store to Mac App Store customers.
That's probably as close as you're going to get to an answer, given that no one has disclosed a price for 4.0 (you said OF, but I assume you meant OO). As Ken has said elsewhere, Omni feels the value of their software is the same whether bought through their store or the Mac App Store, so they attempt to set the pricing identically. Seems like that boils the question down to "if I buy OO 3.9.5 today, and OO 4.0 comes out soon, will I have to pay full upgrade price for an upgrade?" and at least if you buy within 30 days of 4.0's availability, the answer should be that you can get it for free, so long as 4.0 doesn't cost more than 3.9.5 does. Omni might have to eat the 30% cut to Apple to do that "free" upgrade through the Mac App Store, however. Instead of buying it through the Mac App Store expecting the upgrade in a few weeks, it might be appreciated if you instead download the free demo of the current version and use that until 4.0 becomes available, whereupon you buy through the MAS. I don't think that 4.0 is going to be ready in anything like a month from now, however—I'm just describing a hypothetical situation where there's reason to believe it is within a month of release.