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I also have OmniOutliner Professional version 3.9.5 installed. When I select "Check for updates..." it tells me that 3.9.5 is the most current version. Yet, there is an OmniOuliner Pro for Mac on MAS which has the version number 3.9.6. Are there any significant differences between these two applications other than their names and version numbers?
Sorry for the confusion this caused! There are differences, but no bug fixes or new features. OmniOutliner 3.9.6 only contains the specific changes that were necessary to get the app approved for sale on the Mac App Store. (Dropping support for OS 10.5 and earlier, for example.)

We're going to attempt to keep the version numbers aligned as much as possible, but the two may be out of sync on occasion. We didn't want to ask folks to download a new version if the only relevant change was the version number.

(Great question - I'll add this to the FAQ.)