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Please, please, please - this is needed by myself and probably more current and potential users, more and more each day. I need to have one central OmniPlan installed "file" sitting on a server that can be accessed by mutliple people with multiple priviledges, using OmniPlan Desktop. I need my designers that are strewn around the world, to be able to go in to their copy of OmniPlan and update their projects so that when I launch OPS it connects to the server and I get updates on everything that has gone on on all projects in the system...

So I as, super-admin create the overall multi-project file. Upload it to my WebDav-enabled dedicated server and then send out emails requesting a designer login to the system from their copy of OmniPlan. Then they see and can do what they need in OmniPlan and everyone who has access to whatever I have set, can see what's been done or not and can see overlapping respurces, or not, etc.
A lot of users have asked for some kind of multi-user collaboration feature like this and we are seriously considering this for a later version of OmniPlan. I'll go ahead and add your suggestions to our feature request database. :-)