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I recognise that this topic has been covered to death, however I'm still having trouble.

All the advice that I've read on here and in many, many blog posts is to only use due dates sparingly, in a kind of "world's going to end if it's not done by then" kind of way. Instead, far better to use start dates to say "I want this task to come available to me from this point on". Makes sense.

I also watched a really good Macsparky OF Ninja set of screencasts which said the same thing, and made the point that if you get a lot of due dates turning orange and red, the volume of them will reduce the urgency and you'll just end up postponing things anway. This also makes sense to me.

So as a relatively new user I've been trying to just use start dates, but I'm finding a similar problem - as more and more tasks come available, I'm starting to drown in the volume of available tasks, and because the majority don't have due dates it's becoming tricky to determine which need the most urgent attention. As a result I'm starting to feel I'm trying to track these tasks more and more in my head rather than OF doing that work for me.

Does anybody know what I mean, and have any tips how to handle this better?