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Curt has mentioned the differences between the two in how OmniFocus treats them differently, and there is also a workflow consideration. Projects, parallel or sequential, should be completed at some point and because of this, they may get stalled, need revision, or dropped altogether. Single action lists are nothing more than a bucket to hold unrelated tasks and while one may, at any given time, complete all the tasks on the list, the list itself stays in the database.

Because of this difference, I treat projects and single actions lists differently in my review process. I'll scan my actions lists daily, but they are not reviewed the same way as my projects are on a weekly and monthly basis. For that reason, I have action list set up to be reviewed annually while projects are set to be reviewed weekly and/or monthly. OmniFocus doesn't, by default, treat projects and action lists differently for review purposes but it does help me to threat them differently to meet my needs.