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If you have a "project" that is a single action list, I'm curious about it only needing to be reviewed once a year. Are these a bunch of simple tasks to be done? Or do you use it more like a grocery list type thing? If it is the former, wouldn't you want to review it more often to make sure your things are getting done?
My guess is that Greg's review is aimed more at assessing whether some of those tasks have outlived their usefulness, or others need to be added.

I use SALs in a similar fashion (for endless "projects" as well as miscellaneous collections) but review on a comparable schedule to regular projects. OF gives you the ability to set each project's review interval independently in the inspector, so I just dial that up or down as appropriate. For reviewing, I use a project/planning mode context that groups by next review, then just march down the list until I've covered everything that has a current (or past) next review date. I do the more frequent reviews because I have things like grocery shopping in there, with staple items set as automatically repeating items. I'll take a periodic look at the contents of the refrigerator and pantry as part of that review (or sometimes looking at the refrigerator and pantry will cause me to do the review) and adjust the shopping list. Didn't use many eggs this week? Bump the start date on the "buy eggs" action back a few days. House guests drank all the orange juice, or a baking frenzy used up the flour? Adjust the start date to buy more.