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Again, it's your baby. If you think those icons look fine, then by all means keep them. But to sum this up, because I think we're beating a dead horse here, your job should be to "wow and delight" your users, not simply to add features that are "most requested" while ignoring other deficiencies in your application. You're being too easy on yourselves, you can do it ALL, form AND function. One doesn't have to sacrifice the other.

No OmniFocus' job is to produce Solid products which do what they say on the tin. Yes Form AND Function is the panacea, but get 10 UI designers in a room and they'll disagree on some things.

Bottom line, does OmniFocus provide a GTD solution which works for me? Yes
Is it uncluttered and easy to use? Yes
Would the UI improvements suggested here make it easier to use? IMHO No

OF is not an impulse buy, if someone spends $40, they're going to take the time to learn how to use the App, and anyone who already does GTD will pick it up easily.