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Hi, I am trying to organize my contexts so that my errands appear in multiple map searches. An example of what I want to do is my grocery list. There are several grocery chains that I buy from so I want my grocery items to appear on the map for any one of those stores (not just one chain). I have tried to organize my context like this:

Chain a (with the search term as the search name)
Chain b (with the search term as the search name)

I was hoping that tasks I put into context "Chain b" would appear on the map where ever there was a grocery store in Chain a or Chain b in my area. However, that is not how it worked. The tasks in Chain b only appear when I am close to a store of Chain b not one of Chain a. I know I could go with something general like "groceries" as the search term but that has to many hits. So if anybody has any suggests on how to solve this problem I would appreciate your thoughts.