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importing works great in OG5....

question is:

I have my "hierarchy" in column 1 and that expands perfectly. I have descriptive text and info in several columns after 1. How do I get those descriptive columns "pulled" in to each level in column 1?


C1 = food c2 daily food c3 total daily allowed
c1 = breakfast c2 mornings only c3 500 cal (sub group entries follows)
c1 = lunch c2 noon time c3 700 cal (sub group entries follows)
c1 = dinner c2 after 5pm c3 1000 cal (sub group entries follows)

if I import with org chart I only see "food" box and "breakfast" "lunch" "dinner" child boxes with out the descriptions in C2 and C3 inside each box.

Thanks in advance for your insights....