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These images should all be added to the bundle at build time, so if they aren't, something has gone wrong in the build. If you don't have any local edits to the framework source (git stat), then something may differ with your build environment that we aren't handling.

The images get exported from the OmniUI project via its "Copy Resources" build phase (a Copy Files phase that exports them into the products directory under Resources/$(PRODUCT_NAME)). When building the final app, the resources from all the static libraries should get merged into the app via its "Copy Library Resources" build phase (which is shell script build phase that runs OmniGroup/Scripts/CopyLibraryResources).

You should be able to look in your products directory to see if the images got exported -- if not, the problem may be with the first step, if so, then with the second.
CTO, The Omni Group