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This is the response I got from Dropbox support trying to sort out why I can't open my OO files from their iOS app:

Annie - Dropbox Support, Mar 26 03:03 pm (PDT):
Hi John,

OmniOutliner has a new version of their app that saves the files as individual files instead of packages. This is not our bug as Apple created a package file type and pretends it's a file. Applications that are capable of opening packages are only available on mac OS. Please check to make sure you're running the latest version of OmniOutliner. They should have an updated version that saves the files as packages instead of files themselves.



My question is whether there is any truth to this, or is she talking about OO4? I can't find any options to save them not as .pkg files.

I know this issue is never going to get solved since Omni doesn't care about DB support, but I would still like to understand why I can't tell the app to open these files. And I am just too stubborn to give up.

Thanks for any input.