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Favorite feature:
Focus. I didn't really get this feature at first when it was shown in Ethan's screencast and it took me a while to start using it. But once I started really using it, I found that it made a huge difference when dealing with a large amount of projects and tasks. It's simple, but really useful and easy to get used to. That's elegant in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to the perspectives feature getting fleshed out too. I think the features which are designed to alter your view of your action list are some of the strongest in OF.

Second favorite feature:
No priorities. Really though, I think the lack of some features is also a great strength and the lack of priority is one the strongest.

Least favorite "flaw?":
No red highlight (or any visual cue) for overdue tasks. Not that I ever *cough* miss any due dates, but in the off chance that I might miss one someday, it would be nice to have it stick out more.

As far as search goes, maybe OF should show search results in a new window.