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Curt, I saw that you mentioned the regression in another post. Any word if this is a temporary regression? Your *'d contexts would be amazingly useful.

My most useful perspective is a focus on a project callled "morning routine" in the context view. Ribbon sorted by context, name, next action. All of the following are repeating actions.
  • do Next Review in OmniFocus
  • empty main office mail box
  • empty tickler file
  • empty work-home xfer folder
  • process and clear work voice mail
  • process and clear cell phone voice recorder, voicemail, text messages
  • process and clear digital voice recorder
  • process office in-box
  • process computer in-box
  • process desk inbox
  • process email
  • process index card notes or car scraps
  • process OmniFocus inbox
  • process yojimbo- untagged items
  • review calendar
  • scan contents of the " to scan" folder
  • mark projects hot projects with flag