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I don't use iCal sync, primarily because it didn't do what I expected. I thought iCal sync would populate my calendar with events corresponding to my OmniFocus tasks, but instead it populated iCal's practically useless task list. This wasn't what I expected because in the OF dialog for this feature, it says it synchronizes with a calendar, which is technically true in the sense that the tasks correspond to a calendar in iCal, but the tasks don't show up in the calendar view I actually look at.

This was my intended use case: I wanted a visual of my upcoming tasks. I wanted to see, at a glance, what days had more obligations coming due or starting. If could see that, say, Tuesday had a lot of tasks, I might be able to get a head start on a slower day. I know that it's possible to subscribe to due reminders with the WebDAV sync, but (as best as I can tell) it only shows available reminders.

The other obvious use case--getting at my tasks when I'm not near my Mac--doesn't go well either. I can't usefully sync or access my tasks on my Android phone using any of the built in syncing mechanisms and I haven't had success syncing through some intermediary service. (And before you ask: I'm not considering an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Objections to Apple's device lock-down aside, I'm not going to lug around another device or switch carriers just for OmniFocus.)

To work around the lack of visualization and my inability to access my data on my phone, I've whipped up an export script and a web app for myself to work around these issues, but it's read-only. I'm too busy actually doing things to go beyond that myself.

I'm really happy with OmniFocus, but getting an overview of my tasks (barring a review) and getting my tasks away from my Mac are my two biggest pain points.