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Hi Ken,
thank you for giving us opportunities like this!

I paste here something I wrote about iCal sync in another thread:

During my weekly review many times I found items that I like to do in the next week, particularly in some day when I think I have time/context to do them, but I don't want to mark them as due in that day, because for me a due date is a real deadline.

Yes, I know, I should put those items on the calendar, but I think that OF (mac version) is very better than any calendar application to track things to do (the sort of things that would stay in the "all day" section of a calendar).

The workaround for me is to set the review date for the project that cointains the action I want to do to the date I'd like to do that action, since I do a daily review, and during it that project with that action will show up in the morning, and I will flag it (I use flags to mark actions I want to do today)

But I'd really like another date field, not start, not due, just "on": those items should be synced within the calendar, for the folks that like to have all the stuff they need to do (things and appointments) in just one place.

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