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I don't bother syncing with iCal; it's just too limited to be useful.

Instead, I love the Forecast view on the iPad. This fits the bill perfectly because it tells me when I've scheduled too many things for any single day. By adding the number of items listed under the date, you actually save me the trouble of clicking on each day too.

In a perfect world, I would ask for a calendar to simply be integrated into OmniFocus (and synced with iCal for those who want it). This way I could click on a day and get a list: Scheduled appointments on top, with my scheduled tasks below. Since there's a notification system built into OmniFocus, my appointments would still notify me via alarm. In the Forecast view, Scheduled Appointments would be one color, with # of tasks another.

Maybe out of the scope of what you're asking, but that would totally RULE!