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I want to make the following shape:

   |               |
   |               |
So a filled area where one border has a different style than the others.

The only way OmniGraffle can do that is to make two or more objects: one shape object for the fill area, and at least one line object for the border.

Now, I have quite a few of these objects, and like to have a script that generates this accordingly.

I just tried the following route:
* Make a shape in Omnigraffle, export this to SVG
* Script to create an additional border in SVG
* Import into Visio using Parallels (*)
* Export to Visio XML Drawing
* Import in OmniGraffle

Unfortunately, this fails. The imported lines and shapes are no longer editable in OmniGraffle (just like an imported PDF is no longer editable in OmniGraffle).

What would be a good way forward here? I know that OmniGraffle supports AppleScript, but I doubt that it is powerfull enough to this specific task. I have (or at least, I can make) a text file with the coordinates of all shapes. My biggest preferences is to do this all by script.

In fact, that's why I was looking at SVG, because it is dead simple to generate a SVG file from script. I just looked at the native .graffle format used by OmniGraffle Pro, but the problem is that the line and shape objects really look different in the Property List, also I'm not fond of generating or editing plists.

Any suggestions?

(of course I already suggested a SVG import function to the great people at OmniGroup).