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Greetings Rob, I installed the shell script, setup the Hazel rule as pictured, and set the Day One preferences to what you suggested. However, none of my completed tasks for today have (yet) been logged to Day One. Wondering if I have missed a step here? Looking at the shell script, there are references to a log folder and 3 log files-do these need to be set up manually or?
Hi Greg,

That's interesting - thanks for the report.
No, no need to set up log files, and the default log folder is your home directory.

Things to check:
  1. Is it creating ~/DoneToday.txt etc ?
  2. Have you clicked the Done button in DayOne to clear any active editing session and reveal any text from other entry-creating events ?
  3. Have you definitely copied the whole of the script and either pointed Hazel to a file containing it, or pasted it all into Hazel's 'Embedded Script' field ?
  4. If it is creating the ~/DoneToday.txt etc files, what's in them? I wonder if there's a time zone issue which I haven't got right. I happen to be sitting here on an edge case - Greenwich Mean Time ...