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I believe that most, if not all of us are more than ready for OmniFocus 2.0 to appear. However, perhaps a discussion of 2Do belongs on 2Do's forum instead of Omni's board?
I have found this discussion very interesting. For years, I was always excited about the latest upgrade of any software. I think that was mainly because I was younger, and because software wasn't "complete." There was always stuff that was missing. Now, I look at the apps I use every day, and they have way more features than I will ever use, and most of my "wants" are quibbles or idiosyncratic desires that are wrong or irrelevant for others.

When I first started using OmniFocus, all versions, I was in that "hurry up the the new version" mode. I was impatient for tags/multiple contexts/shiny interface/etc. I'm still waiting :) But along the way the software improved incrementally to the point where it does everything I need it to do. And, when I finally figured out perspectives, it does everything I need it to do with a simplicity and elegance that I appreciate. It isn't the sexiest application in the world, but it helps me live my life and manage the work lives of 100 people.

So, yeah, I'll upgrade to 2.0 when it comes out. But what I got is workin' real good for me now. It's my trusted system. And I waited over 20 years for something like it to show up.