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Sorry we don't have any documentation yet! OmniOutliner 4 has adopted the style method we implemented with the iPad version. The system used in OO3 that allowed the "level X rows" style involved way too many additional option that caused much confusion.

Everything works off of named styles now. If you select a named style in the sidebar and look at the Style inspector, you'll see three options at the bottom: Include styles, Style children as, Style next row as.

Include styles allows you to basically make a named style group, you can make one named style inherit the attributes of as many other named styles as you want.

Style children as is the option you're interested in here. This is how you can get the same automatic level styling. Create a named style for each row level you want, you can even name them "Level x rows". Then select your level 1 row style and set the Style children as to your level 2 row style. Continue this chain for as many levels as you want. Once that is done, in the document inspector set the Top-level row style value to your level 1 row style. This will apply that named style to all existing and future level 1 rows made in that file. You now have automatic level styling for your document.

Style next row as can be used to alternating row styles. If you set up two named styles that set each other for this value, it will alternate between the two as you make new row after each one. This could be used for say a Q&A list or such.

We're planning to create placeholder named styles pre-configured to do level styling in the default template so you can essentially use them like the option in OmniOutliner 3.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. Thanks!