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For as long as I've owned OmniFocus I've been a student. I've had small jobs and freelance writing/development assignments, but for the most part my projects and contexts have revolved around school assignments. Because I can do my work wherever I have Internet access, all my tasks get sorted into a set of contexts:

| - Reading
| - Writing
| - Research
| - Development
| - Communication

But now in addition to schoolwork and small work projects, I also have a substantial full-time internship. I want to use the same set of contexts since most of my tasks logically fall into them. But while I'm at the office I don't want to see any school tasks or unrelated tasks from different employers. I know I could just create another "internship" context with the same subcontexts, but that seems like overkill. It also doesn't seem very GTD-like to make a context (internship) that is really an area of focus. I already have an "internship" project if I want to see all my tasks in one place, after all. The other problem with that method is that when I'm not at the office I *do* want to see my internship tasks in my normal contexts, because I might want to complete them outside of work. How do people keep tasks related to their big "job" separate from their other work/school tasks without making tons of contexts?