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How would I navigate directly to a project in the folder hierarchy after a search?

I think my query is related to the question from jredutto:

An example of my issue:
  1. I decide I want to edit the review date for a project, but cannot remember exactly where it is in the folder hierarchy.
  2. I search for it using part of the project name.
  3. I identify the project in the results list and open it.
  4. Although I can amend the project, I am not offered the review function when I press on the project, or by using any other way.
  5. I decide to locate the project from the home page, but I'm still none the wiser on where it is. There is apparently no way to navigate directly to it in its folder location, or be told its location, even when I have found it via search.

Feature request

Something like the 'arrow' navigation button which already exists within an action, to take me directly to the project would be useful.