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(I've cross posted this to the OmniGraffle users mailing list as well, just as an FYI)

As we work more at bettering our Visio support, one singular fact has presented itself: Lots of people really really need to make use of the rather large library of Cisco stencils that are already available for Visio.

One of the problems that presents itself here in regard to that is that the large majority of those stencils are making use of the Enhanced MetaFile format (EMF), which OmniGraffle Professional currently does not parse. We are currently discussing talking to the folks who wrote the Visio binary file format parser for us to tackle this issue, in the meantime I am considering undertaking the task of creating these Cisco stencils for OmniGraffle (more or less from scratch), however I do have some questions...

I have seen a number of existing Cisco stencils for OmniGraffle that are fairly abstract, as shown here:

I also notice that the actual Cisco stencils in Visio are far more complex and detailed such as:

So, the question is: Which of these styles are needed by the Graffle community most?

My guess is that it's the latter, but before I start working on my gameplan here I need to know what direction I'm heading in.

Please let me know here or over in the mailing list thread, and thanks!
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