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The detailed ones please, though I am slowly adding them in. But it would be real nice to import these once the new ones come out seemlessly.

I do allot of network as-builds, and a square box with the label of 3750-48 10/100 does not look as good as a Visio. I don't think the way Visio ( Microsoft) wants me to think so the program I find is debilitating to my creativity. Or else I would just use that.

To that note I have found a cheap work around, since my Cisco products are limited. I bring it up in Visio running Parallels and then screen shot it with the OSX function and bring the .png into OmniGraffle.

Yes I would love to have the entire Cisco Visio catalog all 86 Megs of it, but in reality I have worked around part of the issues. And so far the number has not exceeded 30 device types.

I also use HP servers, and IBM products, etc.... But then it is all the same, I have a functional work around. Not as nice as a straight import but it is functional, with out much pain on my part.