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I read the thread you directed to, but while that would be helpful, what would be immediately helpful is to sync iCal calendars with Projects and not Contexts. To me, it makes no sense to link calendars (which in my world specify different responsibilities like Work, Home, etc.) to Contexts (which are groupings to carry out actions like phone calls, go online, errands, etc.)
It won't be immediately helpful, because even assuming you could convince Omni of the wisdom of the change (doubtful, IMO), they aren't going to drop everything else to make this change, so you won't see it for a while. The iCal sync stuff had its genesis in a desire to get OF data to mobile devices such as the iPhone before there was any other viable approach, and appears to have been aligned with the OF philosophy of working out of context view, not planning view.

In any case, your best bet for getting Omni to add or change a feature to your liking is to use Help->Send Feedback so that the request gets into their development database.