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What I would see as having more utility would be to sync OF folders to iCal calendars. Many users set up OF folders as areas of responsibility that mirror 1-1 with the users' iCal calendars. My top level folders are just as static as my contexts, so lifespan is not an issue. Users could then sync tasks in a 'Work' folder in OF to a 'Work' calendar in iCal and share that calendar with events and OF tasks with others. Things has the ability to do this with a custom configuration and it is nicely implemented. As is, sharing a calendar that is linked to an OF context just doesn't have near the same utility.
I like Greg's idea a lot. It's a nice compromise.

I've been agitating for awhile to map projects (not contexts) to iCal calendars. I keep a calendar for teaching, which tracks everything from going to the library to gather materials to supplement a lecture, to managing a student blog online, to meeting with students for office hours, etc. Many contexts, but only one project.

But I can also see that projects come and go; contexts are more stable.

Hence the beauty of Greg's suggestion. I do, in fact, keep OF Project/Planning folders for different categories of projects. In fact, I intentionally named them to correspond with my calendars in iCal. What Greg is suggesting rocks my world.

I just subscribed to OF alerts on my iPhones iCal app. It was a compromise (all OF events show up, not under the calendar's I like, but under a subscription calendar. I was willing to deal with this workaround until OF could come up with something better. But I find that I can't subscribe to these OF alerts on my two Macs (or can I). At any rate, I'm only getting alerts on the iPhone, which is better than nothing. I guess. But definitely what I want to have. Greg's suggestion is what I want to have.