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Hi there,

I am having a problem with clippings being saved to omnifocus having a black background (see attached).

I've tried deleting prefs etc. No luck.

Any ideas?


Yes, this is because you installed Safari 5; there's an issue for now. The Omni folks are aware of the issue and are looking into a workaround.

In the meantime, you can highlight the email in your Mail Inbox and clip it into OmniFocus, which will bring the body of the email into the Notes field without the black background. An alternative is to select the black area and clear the style (you can get this in a contextual menu if you right click).

BTW, I do suggest contacting Omni's support in cases like this, as they will know the issues, where with forum posts you're waiting for people who may know the issue (say, by contacting support themselves ;-)