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If someone really wanted to cash on this vast, untapped "OmniFocus for Windows" market, there isn't much stopping them. Omni has been fairly open about describing the sync mechanism's workings, and the file format is pretty straightforward. There's still a lot of work to do it took Omni quite a while to build the Mac app and iOS apps, and they had substantial volumes of code that could be reused instead of being written from scratch. For me, it is difficult to avoid coming to the conclusion that a team which could build an OmniFocus client for Windows (or as a web app) in a reasonable timeframe could probably make more money (and/or have more fun, I suspect) doing something else. Now, I suppose it is true that many such teams may be completely unaware of this potential business opportunity. They probably don't read this forum :-) Omni itself would seem to be the ideal candidate, but they appear to have little interest. They don't appear to be uninterested in pocketing our disposable income, so once again the conclusion is that they've considered it and decided the resources are better employed elsewhere.

Have you considered using just the iPad and iPhone at work, with your Mac at home? With the new Omni Sync Server dropbox feature, it's easier than ever to get stuff into OmniFocus from unsupported devices.